Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Last week I went to a local thrift store to find baby G some pants since she is so long that she is off the charts. We can't keep her in pants, it's ridiculous and I refuse to pay more than $2.00 for pants that she will outgrow in a week!

At the thrift store the back section is filled with toys and I was looking for balls for her to play with since she loves the ones at her BFF Deven's house. When I had finally found everything we needed I made my way to the front of the store and saw a man on the ground, handcuffed, with three guns laying on the counter in front of me. I was shocked! I asked the cashier what was going on and she said he had just tried to rob them and the three guns were his! I could not believe it, I hadn't even realized it was going on and I could have gotten shot...not even considering what else could have happened! Luckily enough a husband and wife, who happened to be police officers, had been shopping as well so they took him down.

I write all this to say thanks to the cops, not that they read this but a thank you is necessary from my end...I am thankful to be back home and safe with Baby G and Amelia.


Anonymous said...

OMG, Dawn. What a terrible experience - and in a thrift store as well. I'm so glad that you are safe, well and back at home with the fam. Susan

Anonymous said...

holy crap!!!!!

LabLover said... that is scary! Who would want to rob Thrift Store? Glad that you guys got out of there safe>

Susan said...

OMG!!!We will need details when you come up tomorrow! So glad that nothing happened and you are okay!