Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pizza Night

The really great thing about having a kid baby G's age is that she can, pretty much, eat whatever we eat.

Last night was pizza night and I had been a little bit nervous about giving her pizza in the past because I thought it was a little thick, had a little too much seasoning, etc...but last night I was not in the mood to cook anything extra or heat anything up. So we tried pizza.

At first she just picked it up and let if fall out of her fingers. Then she put her fingers in her mouth and got a taste of it...then...she ate two entire pieces!!!

We were also having salad with dinner so we gave her tomatoes, which I hate, but she loved! So for dinner baby G had pizza, cucumbers, and tomatoes...yummy!

This is opening up a whole new world to me. I'm guessing I'll still be boiling vegetables for her for awhile since I hate veggies and rarely cook them with meals, but everything else is fair game! What a milestone.


inquisitive said...

awesome, so when can we try her on Chinese food? ;)

Amy said...

I remember going to my neices 5 year birthday party at a Japanese place. She and the 2 year old started with soup that had a bunch of tofu chunks in it. They loved it. The they ate sushi...not with raw fish, but the other stuff. The crazy thing is that they like everything except for ground meat. It will be fun to explore those things with Georgia. Have fun!