Monday, November 09, 2009


Things around here are finally beginning to feel like they are running smoothly. Toddler G now will lead us upstairs when she is ready to go to bed although we still rock her and she usually wakes up once a night it's still a big positive change.

She also takes one long nap now which is great for me. I can get a few things on my never ending to do list completed and not feel guilty for not entertaining her. She's almost a month into swimming lessons and she seems to be enjoying them. Amelia has seen a big change in her during bath time so that says something right there. I also started her in an open gym/gymnastics type of class today which was pretty interesting. She had fun but boy was I tired at the end of that class. She walked on a balance beam, rolled down a foam wedge, jumped on a mini trampoline, and played with a parachute all for the first time today. Her favorite was certainly the parachute. All of the kids sat in the middle while the parents ran around and got them twisting! Her favorite was when we made a mushroom and the kids all ran around was a good time.

Otherwise not much is going on. I'm still job hunting and Amelia is still working like crazy. She hasn't had to stay over out of town yet but she has had some pretty late nights...I'd rather her just stay somewhere instead of having no idea when she might arrive home. It's exhausting all of it.

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