Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I just got off the phone with my best friend Blair. We've been friends for years and I'd say he knows nearly everything about me. He lives in Arizona with his wife and daughter who he gave my middle name. I miss him desperately but never really realize it until I speak with him on the phone. Today was especially hard because we were talking about our children and how he has never met toddler G and how it breaks his heart. I never realize how much I miss because I get to talk to him so rarely but today for some reason it really hit me...hard enough that I had to hang up because I was welling up. Someday soon I hope that we live in the same city again and can eat his delicious pasta with chicken and black beans while watching our daughters just be. That his daughter who will be turning 7 in January can teach G some things about life. Someday soon I hope that there isn't a three hour time difference in our days.

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