Monday, December 18, 2006


So...this past week-end my oldest sister graduated from Cleveland State University as did Amelia's we were able to kill two birds with one stone ;)

We had a great time and here are some pictures to prove it...

This is my sister (I'm no photographer) Dianna (Dede to me because I couldn't say Dianna when I was a kid ;)
She graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Education Degree...she has already been accepted into the Masters Program at Cleveland State so she is the big cheese right now...woohoo Congratulations!

These are my nieces Brittany (in the front) and Tiffany (in the back)...I never get to see Tiffany because she lives in Arizona so it was a good time...

This is my nephew Junior...looking at me all mean because his knees were hurting in the small ass chairs at the Wolstein Center...he is about 6'7"...Me, I'm 5' and almost 1" so I had tons of room ;)

and this is Joseph, my youngest Nephew...he is also quite tall but not as tall as his brother...he on the other hand has his ipod so loud that I had to keep elbowing him to tell him to turn it I'm getting old.



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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that it was a great time and that you had time again with your nieces and nephews even though we are getting older its fun to watch them grow and change.
love ya, jojo