Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The other meme

I AM: 31 today, bored, unmotivated, unsure and under enthused
I WANT: a coke, El Vaquero, and lots and lots of books
I WISH: I was thin and smart (er) and more motivated
I HATE: intolerance and snobbery
I LOVE: tons of things...tons of people...tons of books...tons of movies...I've got a lot of love going around right now
I MISS: my mammie and my determination
I FEAR: water and the dark
I HEAR: a Gilmore Girls rerun
I WONDER: when I will get it together, money, school, work....all of the things you should have together by the time you are 31
I REGRET: my indiscretions in high school, not going to see my grandmother before she died, not taking myself out of the situation with my dad when I never should have gotten involved in the first place
I AM NOT: especially affectionate or loving
I DANCE: much more often than anyone knows, in my desk chair, in my car, when I am in the shower
I SING: as much as I dance...and very well...though I don't sing in front of anyone except Amelia. I have been in many choirs, I recently auditioned for Sweet Adelines and got in but dropped out because...see I AM:
I CRY: rarely and usually when I am about to go to sleep, Amelia must think I am nuts
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: tons of food, I have been trying to cook a ton of new things
I WRITE: nothing really...I was really into writing for awhile but lately not so much. I sometimes miss it.
I NEED: to be on a budget, to get into school, to get on the treadmill
I SHOULD: just be happy with what I have and who I am
I START: many books and many things around the house that never get finished
I FINISH: most of the books and most of the things around here


Paul said...

I AM: 29, stressed, prolific, overly motivated, conscientious, dissatisfied
I WANT: my old Jeep back, a trip to Flagstaff, a case of Fat Tire, and quietude
I WISH: it was two months from today
I HATE: one person.
I LOVE: just about anyone who is creative, warm, and kind.
I MISS: my family.
I FEAR: tight spaces and large objects.
I HEAR: "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star right now
I WONDER: when I'm finally a grown-up.
I REGRET: that I will not be able to finish this sentence because I am filled with regret.
I AM NOT: affectionate.
I DANCE: like a full-body dry-heave.
I SING: old Cat Stevens and Eagles tunes while I play the guitar.
I CRY: slightly every once in a while.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: food, sentences, pleasure.
I WRITE: too much.
I HAVE ALWAYS CONFUSED: trust and people who desperately try to get you to trust them.
I NEED: clarity of mind.
I SHOULD: keep the endgame in mind.
I START: seven projects at once.
I FINISH: all seven projects, but at the expense of health, family, and friends.

Patrick said...

If, as you say:


Then you need The Thrill of the Chaste, by Dawn Eden, who also confused them for quite a while, until she found the real thrill.

More about it at the book's Web site